Service Dog' s Training

Σκύλος Βοηθός με εκπαιδευτή στο super market

What is a service dog?

The service dog is not an ordinary dog ​​- it is a hero dog! He works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is specially trained to meet the needs of each child individually. What sets the service dog apart, however, is his tremendous intuition about the changes available to the child and his ability through training to act as a calming factor and prevent a potential crisis.

The service dog has free access everywhere according to Article 16 of law 3868 of Greek legislation and is also covered by the relevant European legislation

All Friends for Life dogs are registered online and have their own IDs.

How does a service dog helps?

  • Security - Confidence

    The service dog with the parent always on hand accompanies the child to his exits, thus minimizing the appearance of "meltdown" crises and escape tendencies. Depending on the case, there are additional benefits as well; for example, improvement of speaking ability, increase in confidence and adaptability to new places have been noticed.

  • Socializing

    Walking around the shops, using public transportation or having a meal out is no longer a stressor for you and your child. It will now be an opportunity for the child to enjoy a quiet stroll with his companion service dog and an incentive to further socialization.

  • Quality of Life

    With the service dog the child has a dedicated companion with whom he can communicate without the need for speech or even an incentive to use speech. A loyal friend and protector who will greatly improve his quality of life.

Παιδί αγκαλιάζει σκύλο με αγάπη

How are the above possible?

The child engages his dog by reducing the environmental stimuli.

Whenever a child has a tendency to flee, the service dog through the special belt or backpack that is attached to the child, will hold it and act as a safety anchor, avoiding the danger immediately.

The service dog gives the child the opportunity to let go of the parent's hand during their exit, thus giving them the sense of independence and pride for walking the dog "alone" and increasing their confidence, a feeling valuable to every child.

In order to see "Friends for Life" service dog training center's registry of service dogs, you can click on the icon bellow. For any information about our dogs, you can contact us.